1. Can one have both an anima and an animus?

  2. My therapist believes that this is the case. I am unhappy about the role of the Animus as the Anima is seen as a soul guide which offers a connection to the UC – women need that too, but the Animus provides, in theory, more logos stuff. I have too much logos and discipline and judging most of the time – I want some help with making a true and integrated connection with my UC – so I need an Anima! Presumably, my psyche has one for me??

  3. In chapter 3 (p.51) of “Jung A Feminist Revision” by Susan Rowland, the author says (referring to feminist revisions of Jung’s theories): “From Jung’s depiction of the animus as plural and negative, women writers have produced a revised version of an animus capable of being unitary and positive.” I have an idea of what negative and positive mean, but I’m confused by her use of ‘plural’ and ‘unitary’. Can anyone suggest to me what Rowland means? (When she talks about gender, she supports ‘plural’ feminisms. But I think she means something different re animus.)

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