1. What is your opinion of ‘lucid dreaming’?

  2. Objective v Subjective Dreams.

    1. Is it possible to have elements such as a shadow or anima figure in an objective dream ie. one that deals with real world issue?

    2. Will you be doing some more examples of dream interpretation in the future? In one of your previous episodes, you dealt with a subjective/intrapsychic dream (the one about the lady who wanted to put her mother into care). Could we see an example of an objective dream?

    Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing your knowledge with the world. Whenever I sit and listen to your lectures, I am transported to a realm so deep and so rich with Life I can feel something deeply spiritual growing within myself.

  3. I have many many animals in my dreams – as many of them as people. Often they are injured, always they are beloved. My worst nightmare was my cat dying in my arms (having been trodden on by an elephant). I wonder if in my dreams animals can fulfil some of the roles usually portrayed by people? I prefer animals – maybe my UC does too??

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